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The Singapore Education System → Is Tuition Necessary? (The Second Type)

Following our previous 2 posts, we will be introducing another type of students who is suitable for tuition.  These students fall on the other end of the spectrum as compared to the students introduced in our previous post.  They are the high achievers; they often score As and distinctions in school.  Contrary to the general notion that tuition is for the academically weaker students, the academically gifted students may need tuition as well.

Schools are educational institutions that provide education to a wide spectrum of a large number of students.  As such, the learning pace in schools is adapted to cater to the vast majority of students whose learning abilities lies in the middle range of the spectrum.  Students from the 2 ends of the spectrum will often find that the learning pace in school is not suitable for them.  For the academically talented and gifted students, they may find school work too easy and a lack of challenge.  This is an issue as the students may gradually lose interest in learning without the necessary stimulants.  The students will also be unable to perform to their fullest potential in their school environment.  We can depict this scenario with the planting of a tree.  Ever seen how our National Environment Authority plants the large trees that grow by the roadside?  The trees are grown in a pot to reach a certain size before they were transferred to the open ground.  If the trees were kept in a pot only, their growth is limited by the pot and the amount of fertilizer and water we give to it.  However, if we were to transfer the seedlings to a large open field, the extent of the trees’ growth is boundless.  Their roots grow deep and their bark and branches grow thick to withstand harsh weather conditions on their own.  Schools can be seen as pots to grow students in their initial years.  They provide the structure and the basic ingredients to the equation for your child’s growth.  Tuition is then akin to the bigger external environment for further growth, adding in other ingredients that the school is unable to provide.

We believe that it is fundamental for all students to be stimulated and kept interested and curious for the learning process to be effective.  Tuition can provide such avenue for the gifted students to be constantly challenged and stimulated.  In contrast to schools, tuitions have a greater degree of flexibility in their teaching syllabus and pace; hence the needs of the gifted students can be better addressed with tuition.  However, we need to reiterate: tuition is never meant to replace schools.  Tuition only acts as a support function to schools and the students’ academic performance.

In our next post, we will introduce the final type of students who are suitable for tuitions.



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