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The Singapore Education System → Is Tuition Necessary? (The First Type)

Our previous blog post on the education system has introduced the Singapore education system briefly, and we have attempted to debunk some of the myths surrounding tuition.  In this post, we shall introduce the first category of student where tuition is useful for.

Since schools provide such all-rounded education to students, some students may find it overwhelming and difficult to cope with.  They have to juggle both academics and their CCA commitments at the same time.  This is more so for the academically weaker students; those who are struggling to get a passing grade.  Very often, these students try very hard to follow the pace of the lesson, yet are only able to retain very little of what was taught in school.

Furthermore, schools often have time constraints and a strict schedule to keep to, hence most topics are only taught once.  Thus, this group of students are the ones who require much help after school hours to reinforce and supplement the learning they had in school.
For a small portion of these students, they are blessed to have older siblings and parents to coach them after school.

However, more often than not, the students have working parents and busy older siblings who are unable to aid them.
This is where tuition comes into play.  Tuitions are an optimal platform and solution to such cases.  Students not only get their learning reinforced, doubts can be clarified on the spot since most tuition groups are often kept small.  Tutors may also provide alternative ways of approaching the subject.

The students can then find an approach that is most suitable for them to best understand the topic taught.

In our next post, we will continue with who else are suitable for tuitions, and who are not.  Please stay tuned.



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