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The Singapore Education System → Is Tuition Necessary? (The Final Type)

We have previously covered the 2 major types of students who require tuition. In this post, we will introduce the final type of students who are likely to find tuition very beneficial. They are the students who fall between the two extremes and wish to pull their grades up; they are the average scorers.

More often than not, these students find themselves lost and neglected. In the broad education system of formal schools, much attention is spent on the students at the two extremes. The gifted students will find programmes catered to enhance and develop potential, such as the Gifted Education Program (GEP). The academically weaker students are sent for supplementary lessons and holiday lessons in school to pull their grades up to a pass. Yet when we look at the programs for the average performing students, we can virtually find close to nothing.

Some parents may find this nothing alarming. However, when we fast forward to the students’ future academic path and career choices, this issue becomes a cause for concern. After graduation from secondary schools, these average performers may find themselves caught with very limited choices of tertiary education institutions and courses to enrol in. Options offered to them are unlikely to be of their preferred choice, and they may have to settle for the second best. Upon graduation from tertiary education, entering the workforce can then become a great challenge for these individuals.

For the weaker-performing students, they may be streamed into the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and gain practical technical skills valued by certain occupation and industries. For the students with outstanding academic performance, their future is well laid out before them as they go into well recognised local and foreign universities before proceeding to their preferred professions. In contrast to these other groups of students, the average performer faces strong competition when they need to look for jobs.

For the average-performing students, tuition can then be a huge tool to sharpen their knives. Tuition can give them the edge in pulling up their grades to the level of the better-performers. The necessity of tuition varies according to where these students lie on the spectrum. We do think those doing sufficiently well in school can use the time better in exploring and enhancing other aspects of their capabilities, such as in music or sports, to build up their portfolio. For those faring average grades, tuition is certainly necessary if they have dreams and goals for high achievements in their future.

In our next post, we’ll end this segment with a brief discussion on the factors to consider when choosing a tuition format for your child.



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